Grease accumulation can cause critter infestations

Your grill should be cleaned regularly to prevent grease build up and critter infestation. Critters and spiders are attracted to the smell of the food debris in your grill. A dirty grill is viewed as a place to nest and feed by critters. If your grill is going to be idle for more than two weeks it is best to clean the inside of your grill and your grease tray/cup. This will reduce the risk of having animals drawn to your grill. You should always remove and clean your burners prior to use if your grill has been stored for more than two weeks. To clean your burners remove them from the grill, brush away any loose debris both inside and out. Ensure all burner port holes are clear and uniform in shape. Flush your burners with water. Water simulates the flow of gas. Watch for any areas the water is not flowing through and clean those areas until the water flows freely.
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