Gas grill safety – how to check your grill for leaks

Is your gas grill safe? Even if it sounds dangerous to check the grill for gas leaks, it’s actually easier than you think. It takes just a few minutes and you only need a little washing up detergent and water.


Ideally, check your grill every time before you use it. You should be especially careful when exchanging or refilling the gas bottle, at the start of the grilling season or if you haven’t used your grill for a while. Only carry out the test outdoors in a well ventilated place. First mix washing up detergent and water at a ratio of 50:50. Pour the mixture into a small bowl or a spray bottle. Turn all the gas regulators off. Then open the gas bottle valve to introduce pressure into the system. You can now perform the leak test. Spray or wet the gas valve, the hose and regulator with the detergent solution. Watch what happens. If one of the components is leaking, the solution will form soap bubbles. If you do not see any bubbles, there are no leaks and the gas grill is safe. If bubbles form or you can smell gas, immediately screw the gas bottle closed. Consult the instruction manual for the grill to find out how to get the damaged part repaired or replaced.
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