Connecting the gas bottle

Grilling with gas for the first time? We’ll tell you here how you connect up the gas grill. Every grill is different. Your manual has specific instruction for how you should connect the gas bottle. Once the gas bottle is connected to the grill, shut off the gas as follows.


Make sure that the gas valve on the gas bottle is tightly shut off. Turn the valve in a clockwise direction right to the stop.
Also turn off all the knobs on your grill.
Check the sealing cap does not have any cracks and that the bottle is not faulty in any way. Take the bottle back to your dealer if it is damaged.
Remove the sealing cap from the gas bottle. Only use the cap that belongs to the valve and the supplied strap.
Hold the regulator in your hand and guide the gas bottle connector into the valve.
Don’t use any tools to tighten it. Turn the coupling nut on the bottle tight with the other hand. Make sure you hold the regulator straight so that it doesn’t tilt.
Turn the coupling nut in a clockwise direction right to the stop
If the flame is low or you have problems with the gas supply test the grill for leaks
Jetzt steht Ihrem Grillvergnügen nichts mehr im Weg!


Now there’s nothing standing in the way of your grilling enjoyment! Tip: Since 1995, all regulators have been fitted with an overpressure safety device, which automatically cuts off the gas supply in the case of a gas leak. This device can be accidently triggered if you open the regulator on the grill before opening the valve on the bottle. If the safety regulator has been triggered, the flame and the grill temperature will remain low.
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