The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

porchetta in Jack Daniel’s Honey BBQ Sauce, grilled bread and chive butter


large, flat pork belly without ribs (approx. 2.7 kg)
For the filling
200 g
6 cl
Jack Daniel‘s Honey
2 tbsp.
maple syrup
6 cl
light soya sauce
sea salt
black pepper
1 tbsp.
fennel seeds
1 tbsp.
For the chive butter
250 g
bunches chives
sea salt
choice of white bread, e.g. focaccia or ciabatta

Ingredient Tips

hot tip
If you love your Char-Broil Barbecue, you’ll protect it from the weather with a cover. This means you can hang on to your treasure for even longer.


If necessary, separate the pork belly from the ribs and finely slice the skin in a criss-cross pattern. Afterwards, butterfly the entire belly to increase the surface area and create a thinner layer of meat.
First finely chop the prunes, roast the caraway and fennel and then combine all the ingredients for the filling. Coat the entire surface of the pork belly and then cover the meat side with the mixed filling. Now roll up the belly like a snail so that the roll is surrounded by the patterned skin when finished. Finally, tightly bind the meat with fire-resistant butcher's string.
Place the roll on the grate, preheated to around 130 degrees, and close the lid. The pork belly should be cooked in approx. 8 hours at a core temperature of around 70 degrees.
Now temper the butter, cut the chives roughly and work into a paste with a little sea salt in a pestle and mortar. Grill the bread.

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