Low flame height can be resolved by resetting your regulator

The most common problem is for the overpressure device to be activated. For LP gas grills - Since 1995, all regulators (the part that attaches to the gas tank to regulate the flow of gas) have included a safety device that restricts the gas flow in the event of a gas leak. You can inadvertently activate the safety device without having a gas leak. This typically occurs when you turn on your control knobs before you turn on the LP tank valve. If you do activate the gas regulator safety device, the grill will only reach temperatures between 250 and 300F even with all burners on the high setting. To reset the gas regulator safety device: · Open the grill lid. · Turn off all knobs on the control panel. · Turn off the tank knob. · Disconnect the regulator from the LP tank. · Wait 30 seconds. · Reconnect the regulator to the LP tank. · Leak test your grill according to your instruction manual · Slowly open the LP tank knob all the way open. Do not put excessive force on the valve at the full open position to avoid damaging the valve. · Turn on the appropriate control knob and light the grill per the instructions on the control panel.

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