We don’t just love to cook on barbecues, we love to make it a great outdoor cooking experience. Find out how our TRU-Infrared Cooking System will improve your cookout in every way.

It's all about TASTE

We think it's the juiciest and tastiest food to ever come off a barbecue. Once the news is out in your neighborhood that you are proud owner of a Char-Broil, it may be time to start taking reservations…

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The phrase "cooking system" isn't a term we invented. Truth is, the science behind TRU-Infrared™, is inspired by a cooking system that's as old as time. The patented system converts convective heat, that traditional gas grill produce, into radiant heat. This limits the airflow, actively prevents your steak from drying out and creates an even heat across the cooking surface with no flare-ups. While traditional barbecues will certainly make your food hot, only the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared™ system cooks it to perfection.

Juicier and tastier food

We know you won't settle for less than the perfect cut of steak. So why not be just as selective about how you cook that steak? TRU-Infrared™ locks in 50% more juices than traditional barbecues to ensure you never bite into a bone-dry steak.

More cooking time

Look forward to great barbecues and even more of them. As if better tasting food weren't already enough, TRU-Infrared™ also uses less gas than modern gas barbecues: 30% less to be exact. So go ahead, throw a few more burgers on your Char-Broil, there will be plenty of gas left.

Look for the logo

Top-performing products across the Char-Broil® range of gas barbecues all share one exclusive and unique feature, and we call it, TRU-Infrared™. It means something special for your barbecue to be stamped with these words. It says your food will taste incredible every time, which of course will be remembered by your guests.