Smoker & Roaster Support



Residue in smoker
If you have a sticky, red residue or black residue, similar to cast iron cookware, offset smokers and grills must be seasoned before use. The interior surfaces are pre-seasoned with vegetabl Read More
Charcoal temperature won't regulate
You can regulate the temperature by adjusting the grill dampers. If you’re not able to achieve the temperature you need, check for any gaps in the damper. If the damper is bent or warp Read More
Electric Smoker Won't Turn On
The digital timer, temperature and the heating element is shut off and won't turn on. Your smoker is equipped with a thermostat (high limit safety shut off) to give added safety in case of e Read More
The door isn’t sealing
The door is equipped with silicone gasket that may need adjustment after extended use. There are three screws that hold the adjustable bracket that is attached to the door. These screws are Read More