Everything a “real American BBQ” should be. And precisely what everyone is now able to enjoy – given we do know a thing or two about it. You don’t need much to put together a simple BBQ for friends and family using good quality meat, fresh fish and juicy vegetables. Learn what it means to choose a Char-Broil® >>

The Science Behind the Taste

Never before has barbecuing been so easy – try it for yourself! Our barbecues boast a range of ingenious features to leave you more time to spend with your guests. TRU-Infrared technology ensures your barbecued food is up to 50 % more succulent.Learn more ››

No two barbecue chefs are the same

Absolute beginner or outdoor cooking hero? Gas or charcoal? No two barbecue chefs are the same – and the same goes for barbecues. No matter who you are or how you cook, there's a Char-Broil with your name on it.

Char- Broil grills are getting tested!